Biomimetic  (Bio=life    Mimetic=mimicking)

Biomimetic Dentistry means doing dentistry that mimics healthy natural teeth. There is nothing better than our natural teeth in the way they function and look. So when we repair a tooth, we do it in a way that conserves the maximum amount of natural tooth structure possible!  Any lost tooth structure is replaced with materials that most closely resemble healthy tooth structure - not only in appearance but in strength, flexibility, etc.

Biomimetic means dentistry done right.

It means the least invasive dentistry possible and the most healthy dentistry possible.

Biomimetic means the best chance you have to keep your teeth looking good, feeling good, and lasting a long time.

In the long run this helps you save time, save money, and experience the least amount of pain... all things most of us care about!

To learn more about Biomimetic Dentistry and how it can benefit you please see the following link

Dr's Mark Uremovich and Shawn O'Berry pictured with David Rudo, founder of Ribbond (a crucial incredient to Biomimetic dentistry), and Dr Pascal Magne a leader in Biomimetic Dentistry.